Common Instrumentation Facility

STBI has an excellent state of the art common Instrumentation facility. The main thrust of the facility is to provide sophisticated instruments required in Research & Development of the product/services at budget rates. The Common Instrumentation Facility is established to enable researchers/entrepreneurs to develop their product/services without making capital investments early in the lifecycle of a Life-science Business. Further, The Common Instrumentation Facility will be accessible to Incubatees with availability of trained expertise to assist researchers in handling instruments and ease of use. 

STBI will facilitate access to sophisticated instrumentation facilities available to the nearby Universities, Institutes of Excellence and Departments through collaborations.

  • Draft MoU 
  • List of MoU’s & Collaborations.

Key Features:

  • Equipped with high end instruments (List of Instrument)
  • Technical assistance
  • LAN enabled
  • Wi-Fi available
  • 24 Hr Security services, CCTV enabled area
  • UPS Power Back up 
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