IP Clinic

IP Clinic - A Primer to Intellectual Property & Intellectual Property Rights 

STBI caters to facilitate handholding and guidance towards protection of IP. The clinic is mentored by Techno-legal experts or IP attorneys on topics such as: 

  • Drafting and filling strategies: Mentoring on Conducting prior art studies, guidance on what to disclose or not disclose about invention, strategies for drafting claims for the invention.
  • IP licensing & technology commercialization tips: Insights on routes to commercialization either through licensing, spin out creation & how to effectively license your invention. 
  • One to One consultation & mentoring on how to patent your research 
  • Research support: Reports for planning IP and research projects such as patent landscapes, freedom-to-operate, prior-art reports. 

The participants can attend the mentoring clinics by registration link or can contact Knowledge management center at SavliBioIncubator@gmail.com/incubation-stbi-vdr@gujarat.gov.in for any queries. 

  • Prior art constitutes all the information available to the public (both patent and non-patent literature) all over the world before a given date that might be relevant to the claims of originality.
  • IP Licensing: Intellectual Property (IP) licensing is a frequently used means of exploitation of IP, including in the process of commercialization of research results generated in universities and publically funded research institutions.

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